Color Guard Judges

The Texas Color Guard Circuit Judges Association provides adjudicators for the Texas Color Guard Circuit and the North Texas Color Guard Association. TCGCJA is bona fide by WGI and trains its judges in the use of the WGI adjudication system.

Many of our members judge marching band contests throughout the state and country as well. If you are in need of a quality adjudicator for your marching contest or festival, please contacT us.

The TCGCJA provides training and mentoring for those who aspire to or have interest in becoming a indoor color guard judge please contact Doug Henderson for more information.

Stephen Abrams
Adietoynscoth Adietoynscoth
Adogdascoth Adogdascoth
Adogdascoth Adogdascoth
Adoradwynscoth Adoradwynscoth
Adorardredscoth Adorardredscoth
AfroditaZof AfroditaZof
Agagamandscoth Agagamandscoth
Agagamandscoth Agagamandscoth
Agagarscoth Agagarscoth
Agrainescoth Agrainescoth
Ahieonesscoth Ahieonesscoth
Akirgscoth Akirgscoth
Alsaswynscoth Alsaswynscoth
Alsathisscoth Alsathisscoth
Alsathscoth Alsathscoth
Alsathscoth Alsathscoth
Altadscoth Altadscoth
Altascoth Altascoth
Anariscoth Anariscoth
Anarusscoth Anarusscoth
Andromaginnscoth Andromaginnscoth
Anganascoth Anganascoth
Angelenascoth Angelenascoth
Angelenascoth Angelenascoth
Aradwynscoth Aradwynscoth
Ariginnscoth Ariginnscoth
Arilakscoth Arilakscoth
Daniel Arredondo
Arryarscoth Arryarscoth
Arryarscoth Arryarscoth
Audirschscoth Audirschscoth
Audirschscoth Audirschscoth
Authisscoth Authisscoth
Authisscoth Authisscoth
Azagoscoth Azagoscoth
Bafymscoth Bafymscoth
Balakscoth Balakscoth
Jeremy Ball
Balladotiusscoth Balladotiusscoth
Bandiriscoth Bandiriscoth
Bandiriscoth Bandiriscoth
Bardanascoth Bardanascoth
Jeremy Baudoin
BeardanaBelescoth BeardanaBelescoth
Beazewynscoth Beazewynscoth
Heather Benton
Berennscoth Berennscoth
Sandra Bertelle
Blackkillerscoth Blackkillerscoth
Blackstalkerscoth Blackstalkerscoth
Bladecliffscoth Bladecliffscoth
Bladewoodscoth Bladewoodscoth
Blissscoth Blissscoth
Bloodhammerscoth Bloodhammerscoth
Bloodhammerscoth Bloodhammerscoth
Bloodsongscoth Bloodsongscoth
Bludsongscoth Bludsongscoth
Denise Bonfiglio
Bostermymn Bostermymn
Branedscoth Branedscoth
Branfordscoth Branfordscoth
Brarielscoth Brarielscoth
Brasidascoth Brasidascoth
Brederscoth Brederscoth
Bricirazscoth Bricirazscoth
Broadravenscoth Broadravenscoth
Charles Brown
Heather Brown
Bruskscoth Bruskscoth
Bryantscoth Bryantscoth
Bubandisscoth Bubandisscoth
Bundisscoth Bundisscoth
Burgasscoth Burgasscoth
Buridorascoth Buridorascoth
Mikel Burress
Butiusscoth Butiusscoth
Buzaghmascoth Buzaghmascoth
Buzaronscoth Buzaronscoth
Byneladscoth Byneladscoth
Candygirlscoth Candygirlscoth
Carolinescoth Carolinescoth
Catsnamesmr Catsnamesmr
Celorescoth Celorescoth
Ceremandscoth Ceremandscoth
Ceremandscoth Ceremandscoth
Cesserscoth Cesserscoth
Cetnanscoth Cetnanscoth
Charitrescoth Charitrescoth
Donnie Christian
Adam Clark
Richard Clark
Cloudscoth Cloudscoth
Cloudscoth Cloudscoth
Colondyrscoth Colondyrscoth
Samantha Contreras
Wanda Conway
CoryCasikscoth CoryCasikscoth
cqmvmai cqmvmai
Zachary Crist
Chelsea Crochet
Cyanocalscoth Cyanocalscoth
Dairgscoth Dairgscoth
Darkshaperscoth Darkshaperscoth
DarrylCrymn DarrylCrymn
DavidRar DavidRar
Deangeloscoth Deangeloscoth
DerBatscoth DerBatscoth
Dodwerlscoth Dodwerlscoth
Dolunescoth Dolunescoth
Doomcliffscoth Doomcliffscoth
Doubeiscoth Doubeiscoth
Dowynscoth Dowynscoth
Scott Dudley
Dusedscoth Dusedscoth
Georgy Ярослава
Cody Edwards
Misty Edwards
Edwinascoth Edwinascoth
Ellasscoth Ellasscoth
Eynttohscoth Eynttohscoth
Faciermoscoth Faciermoscoth
Faugarscoth Faugarscoth
Faylondpabe Faylondpabe
Fegorscoth Fegorscoth
Felkreescoth Felkreescoth
Feloghmascoth Feloghmascoth
Fenriktilarscoth Fenriktilarscoth
Fesiusscoth Fesiusscoth
Fetaurscoth Fetaurscoth
Fezragorescoth Fezragorescoth
Tate Fincher
Tate Fincher
Flamebearerscoth Flamebearerscoth
Flamewalkerscoth Flamewalkerscoth
Forceshaperscoth Forceshaperscoth
Fordrernscoth Fordrernscoth
Franntewscoth Franntewscoth
Frostseekerscoth Frostseekerscoth
vivek galaxy
Gardagarscoth Gardagarscoth
Gashakarscoth Gashakarscoth
Geletapscoth Geletapscoth
Gemmenscoth Gemmenscoth
Gheewalascoth Gheewalascoth
Jackie Gilley
Kelsey Gleason
Goldcliffscoth Goldcliffscoth
Goldendefenderscoth Goldendefenderscoth
Gralindascoth Gralindascoth
Susan Hanggi
Hardistyscoth Hardistyscoth
Mike Hardy
Hellbladescoth Hellbladescoth
Hellbladescoth Hellbladescoth
Doug Henderson
Herschelscoth Herschelscoth
hhihmp hhihmp
hjvf81 hjvf81
Stephen Howard
Hugighmascoth Hugighmascoth
Hugoherscoth Hugoherscoth
Humbrolyscoth Humbrolyscoth
Hustusscoth Hustusscoth
Iangescoth Iangescoth
Iangescoth Iangescoth
Ironfontscoth Ironfontscoth
Ironfontscoth Ironfontscoth
Isaknewerscoth Isaknewerscoth
Isaknewerscoth Isaknewerscoth
IshaiSlatescoth IshaiSlatescoth
JacArrado JacArrado
JacArrado JacArrado
Jameplus Jameplus
Jeremiahscoth Jeremiahscoth
Jerrynomscoth Jerrynomscoth
Jogasscoth Jogasscoth
Johnigopscoth Johnigopscoth
JoJojasscoth JoJojasscoth
Jorgescoth Jorgescoth
Kaninscoth Kaninscoth
Keronscoth Keronscoth
Kindreganscoth Kindreganscoth
KostyaGuite KostyaGuite
Kyrasterscoth Kyrasterscoth
Kyrasterscoth Kyrasterscoth
Lairiusscoth Lairiusscoth
Landameenascoth Landameenascoth
Lannykotscoth Lannykotscoth
Lanttoscoth Lanttoscoth
Erin Leifer
Leonelloscoth Leonelloscoth
Llartanescoth Llartanescoth
Llartanescoth Llartanescoth
Llellstascoth Llellstascoth
Mike Lopinto
Maicusscoth Maicusscoth
Malickscoth Malickscoth
Margaritoscoth Margaritoscoth
Margaritoscoth Margaritoscoth
Maricelascoth Maricelascoth
Marierscoth Marierscoth
Marissascoth Marissascoth
Matthewbug Matthewbug
Mattonscoth Mattonscoth
Maucync Maucync
Mavanazscoth Mavanazscoth
Meghan McCourt
Keith McKeachie
Tony Melancon
Brigitte Menard
Brigitte Menard
Michaelmot Michaelmot
Mienescoth Mienescoth
Mirarascoth Mirarascoth
Mischscoth Mischscoth
Mneriusscoth Mneriusscoth
Modglinscoth Modglinscoth
Joel Moody
Mulhalascoth Mulhalascoth
Estelle Gravois Murr
Estelle Gravois Murr
Narisicscoth Narisicscoth
nrf72s nrf72s
nshzmg nshzmg
nzuupnMab nzuupnMab
Onlyyouscoth Onlyyouscoth
Ovilaziascoth Ovilaziascoth
Oyuelascoth Oyuelascoth
Oyuelascoth Oyuelascoth
Parshallscoth Parshallscoth
Pascherscoth Pascherscoth
Payday Express Payday Express
Pedroscoth Pedroscoth
Ppitheviscoth Ppitheviscoth
Prosterhiz Prosterhiz
Qiachantscoth Qiachantscoth
qrm66e qrm66e
Qunayicescoth Qunayicescoth
Qunopadscoth Qunopadscoth
RedSharkscoth RedSharkscoth
Rockwormscoth Rockwormscoth
RonaldSen RonaldSen
Brent Rowland
Rujawitzscoth Rujawitzscoth
Runemanescoth Runemanescoth
Solomon Ruth
Solomon Ruth
rzidwu rzidwu
SarahNoila SarahNoila
David Schliewe
Scotterscoth Scotterscoth
Seagrovesscoth Seagrovesscoth
Taylor Sitzman
Snowbunnyscoth Snowbunnyscoth
Solingerscoth Solingerscoth
Speedycash Speedycash
StepzenDiumb StepzenDiumb
Steviescoth Steviescoth
sumzcs sumzcs
Surprisescoth Surprisescoth
T Sutphin
Joshua Swain
Tammerscoth Tammerscoth
Tandyscoth Tandyscoth
Tarahscoth Tarahscoth
Tennieyscoth Tennieyscoth
James Thomas
toib92 toib92
Tricomiscoth Tricomiscoth
Tuktilarscoth Tuktilarscoth
Twilascoth Twilascoth
udrmsgs udrmsgs
Curtis Uhlemann
Curtis Uhlemann
Withdrawn Unit
Usorivelscoth Usorivelscoth
Vanhooserscoth Vanhooserscoth
Michael Vazquez
Verenascoth Verenascoth
Vikusscoth Vikusscoth
Vinereyscoth Vinereyscoth
Ted Wemhoff
Kathy Whitcomb
Travis Wingate
Wursterscoth Wursterscoth
Xanzayscoth Xanzayscoth
Ximathewiscoth Ximathewiscoth
yfndml yfndml
Ynyetscoth Ynyetscoth
Ynyetscoth Ynyetscoth
Kaylie Young
Zalasscoth Zalasscoth

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