Fall 2020 Meeting Recap

Fall Meeting 2020 Recap


Thank you to all those who attended our Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting on August 9th! So much was accomplished with discussions, voting, and learning how to function in an online format.

Minutes and reports are available in the TCGC resources section of CompetitionSuite. (Once you log in, click the "[=] TCGC" button above your unit's name.)

Congratulations to the following who were elected Sunday:

President-Jessica Torrez

VP of Adjudication-Doug Henderson

VP of Education-Joey Powell

Secretary-Mark Waldon

Task Force Members:

Color Guard East Rep-Ryan Page

Color Guard East Rep-Nick Vizza

Color Guard East Rep-Beth Young (Appointed by the e-board)

Color Guard West Rep-David Duffy

Color Guard West Rep-Jen Barton

Percussion Open Class-Dusty Norris

Percussion At Large West-Jordan Garza

Percussion Concert-Bryan Waites

Percussion Valley Rep-Jorge Martinez

Winds- Chad Dempsey

TCGC is excited to have these incredibly talented and knowledgeable people on board for the 2021 season.

Important Information:

The executive board will meet at the end of this month to discuss the results and information from the WGI Circuit Partner's Meeting held 8/16/20. We have already started preparations for this upcoming season and value your input and feedback.

A membership survey was emailed through CompetitionSuite. Please fill out by 8/28/20. If you did not receive the survey in the Recap email, please email [email protected]

Each month we will be reporting any updates related to TCGC 2021, including guidance from local authorities and the CDC. We will also have frequent communication with all potential show hosts. TCGC is committed to providing the best for our students and support for our instructor's/staff.

What's Next?

As you and your unit prepare for the start of school, we wish you the best. This year presents unexpected challenges, but it will also teach us so much about our purpose and the innovation we can create. The executive board is here to answer any questions you may have.